A team of veteran educators and mental health professionals that are laser-focused on providing tools, strategies, and techniques to improve outcomes for students, teachers, and schools.

A team of veteran educators and mental health professionals that are laser-focused on providing tools, strategies, and techniques to improve outcomes for students, teachers, and schools.


Dr. Bryan Pearlman, EdD
Co-Founder & Head Trainer

Dr. Bryan Pearlman is a veteran educator, PD leader, keynote speaker, and adjunct professor. He is the author of the book, Whatever It Takes For All Students To Succeed In School and Life, released in January 2019. Dr. Pearlman is also the co-founder and board member of the mental health non-profit DSMHW.org. His expertise is helping all children to succeed, challenging behaviors, trauma, school improvement, differentiation, and data-driven decision making. In the past two years, Dr. Pearlman has presented to over 15,000 people. He is regularly asked to provide keynote addresses, featured presentations, and trainings for state, regional and national organizations.


Dr. Lena Pearlman, PhD 
Co-Founder & Trainer

Dr. Lena Pearlman holds a Masters of Social Work (MSW) as well as a Doctorate degree in Holistic Natural Health. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Missouri. Lena has been a practicing social worker for over 20 years. In addition to working privately, Lena has worked with children and adults in various settings including in-patient and out-patient hospitals, sub-acute rehabilitation centers, forensic treatment centers, and is considered an expert witness within the legal system. She has had extensive experience helping individuals cope with acute, terminal, and chronic medical problems. Lena is a member of the Missouri Society of Clinical Social Work, the Employee Assistance Professionals Association, and the National Organization of Forensic Social Workers. She has served as a graduate adjunct professor and a practicum supervisor. Lena is also a co-founder and board member of DSMHW.org.


Rebecca Dougherty, LCSW

Rebecca Dougherty holds a Masters Degree (MSW) from Washington University’s Brown School of Social Work and is a Board Member of Missouri NASW. Rebecca has been in the field of Social Work for 17 years and has worked in medical and academic settings. Her areas of practice and intervention include: crisis intervention, stress mitigation, coping with a chronic illness, and adjusting to life stages and stressors, including loss. She is an adjunct faculty member at Washington University’s Brown School of Social Work and provides post masters supervision for licensure candidates. Rebecca is also a board member of DSMHW.org.


Gregory Cassiere
Trainer & Consultant

Gregory Cassiere. Master of Art in Early Childhood Education from Mercy College and Bachelor of Art in Political Science from Fordham University. Certificate in Special Education K-6. New York City public and private school teacher with TEFL and TESOL Certifications. Taught High School English as well as English to non-English speakers in Southeast Asia. Currently a financial growth manager at Concordia College.

Dr. Staci Garvin Profile

Dr. Staci Garvin
Trainer & Consultant

Dr. Staci Garvin has over 20 years of experience in various aspects of educational leadership including classroom teaching, consulting and coaching, distance learning, and administration. For the last 13 years, Staci has specialized in coaching leaders to think and plan systemically for implementation of professional learning.  She also trains and coaches teachers to plan and deliver proactive instruction for students with diverse learning needs.  In addition, Staci invests in future educators by teaching undergraduate students in a teacher preparation program. Staci’s goal is to help educators create vibrant learning environments in which all students belong and prosper.


Sylwia Domaradzka
Trainer & Consultant

Sylwia Domaradzka is a veteran teacher with extensive teaching and leadership experience. She graduated from the University of Gdansk in Poland with a Master of Arts in English and Teaching and soon after moved to London where she worked for nearly twenty years in the most challenging Inner City schools with the most challenging of students. She is a behavior management specialist whose expertise is a result of many years of hands-on experience of setting up effective behavior management systems across whole school. She is also a firm believer in managing behavior through teaching and learning tailored to students’ needs. Sylwia led an English Department for nearly twenty years and strived to achieve the best results for all her students. This makes her an expert on improving levels of literacy amongst the most underachieving and disadvantaged students. In her work she has been recognized for supporting teachers on teaching and behavioral strategies. Sylwia has recently moved to California and is looking forward to working with schools across the state and beyond.

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Maureen Posten
Trainer & Consultant

Maureen Posten has been an educator in various capacities for several years. As a teacher licensed in four states- Virginia, NY, Colorado and Ohio- she has taught in both traditional public schools and alternative schools for students with behavioral and emotional challenges. She is passionate about building empathy in colleagues and in her students and loves the implementation of restorative practices for the purpose of community building. For the past four years, Maureen has facilitated virtual classes for teachers and pre-service teachers who are in the United States and in countries across the world, in the areas of classroom management, planning for learning, assessment and has also supervised their clinical teaching experiences.   Additionally, Maureen created, authored and facilitated workshops for the United States Virgin Islands Teacher Effectiveness Conference (2017 ) where she worked with over 300 teacher leaders and new teachers. Maureen is currently an instructor and portfolio coach for the Johns Hopkins School of Education Master of Science in Education online program (teaching Classroom Management and Seminar in Transformational Teaching and Leadership).  She lives in Northern Virginia and has a husband, 19 year old daughter and 17 & 5 year old sons.

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Cynthia Molt
Trainer & Consultant

A native Californian with 30+ years of experience in education.  BA–California State University, Long Beach; MA–Administration; MA–Curriculum and Instruction; MA–Teaching (Master’s degrees from Azusa Pacific University); Administrative Credential K-12; Teaching Credential Pre-K-8; CLAD ELD certification. Experience as an educator Preschool through 12th grade, as well as college education for teachers; experience as an administrator Preschool through 8th grade. 
Currently working at: Scale Leadership Academy in Chino, California, Virtual/Blended Charter Education–Curriculum Director, General Independent Study Students (GIS), BTSA Support, Teacher of Record (TOR) at Learning Centers, PBI or Paper-Based Instruction (Adaptive Need Education)
Enjoying my pets, arts and crafts, gardening, and reading.  Just can’t seem to shed my educator mind when I’m home. Education is part of my life, and I love it!

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Adam Warren
Trainer & Consultant

Adam S. Warren has more than 20 years combined experience in teaching, administration, district supervision, and educational consultancy.  His current position is principal at Academia Moderna Elementary School, which part of the Alta Public Schools Charter Organization in Los Angeles, California.  His educational philosophy entails three principles – all students can learn; success breeds success; and we control the conditions of success. Mr. Warren’s leadership philosophy is one that is built around having all stakeholders believe and work towards a common goal that keeps “what is best for children” always at the forefront.  He received his undergraduate degree from California State University at Northridge, where he majored in psychology and minored in art. He then enrolled at Pepperdine University where he obtained master’s degrees in psychology, education, and educational administration.  During his free time, Mr. Warren enjoys spending time with his family and friends, reading, painting, and playing with his dog, Saffron. 

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Yara Farah, PhD
Trainer & Consultant

Dr. Yara N. Farah has a doctorate in educational psychology from Baylor University and an MA in special education, mile to moderate, from California State University, Northridge. She is a member of the board of director for The Association for the Gifted (TAG) – Council for Exceptional Children (CEC). Dr. Farah has worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in gifted education at the College of William and Mary, a special education teacher in International Baccalaureate schools and as a paraprofessional in fully inclusive classrooms. She has more than 12 publications in peer-reviewed journal and have conducted numerous professional presentations at national and international conventions. Dr. Farah has been leading workshops and training, as well as consulting in education since 2012.

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