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Dr. Jill Schowe
Assistant Superintendent

“We worked with Dr. Pearlman to speak to our entire staff. The information he shared proved to be very valuable to them. They were able to take the “tools” back to the classroom and put them to use immediately. Many teachers reported to the building principal that this was the best professional development  that they had received to assist students with mental health needs. Dr. Pearlman is very approachable, and interacts well with all staff, he makes them feel comfortable and encourages participation. He has been a teacher and a principal, so he understands what public educators are faced with daily in their classrooms.”


Todd Minichiello
Coordinator of K-12 School Counseling

“Dr. Pearlman truly did a fantastic job of working with our staff. Explosive, Defiant & Oppositional students are a growing challenge and he had real solutions. Dr. Pearlman has a unique viewpoint; he ties his school experience as a teacher and principal with his clinical experience in a clear and constructive way. Our staff laughed at his stories and felt his passion. Mostly though, Dr. Pearlman connected with each staff member and they walked away with concrete ideas, advice and solutions. Dr. Pearlman is more than just a good presenter, he is also all about problem solving and helping our staff and students.”


Dr. Nancy Schneider
Student Teaching Coordinator

“Dr. Pearlman provided an engaging & informative presentation to Teachers Candidates at Lindenwood University. Participants were provided with an overview of how trauma impacts students and their learning/behaviors in school. Participants were captivated by Dr. Pearlman’s real-life accounts of students he had worked with and his revelations of how school personnel could impact the children they serve.”


Shannon Henderson
Elementary Principal

“Dr. Pearlman presented twice to our staff. These included dealing with oppositional students and supporting the needs of the whole-child. Dr. Pearlman was animated, and the information he shared was pertinent to the work our staff was doing in supporting the social-emotional challenges of our students. Dr. Pearlman offered resources and personal stories with strategies that our staff immediately began implementing.”


Abigail Eichberg
LPC, School Counselor

“Point Elementary was fortunate enough to have Bryan Pearlman come talk to our staff about common mental health diagnoses in elementary age children.  Bryan’s information was both powerful and engaging. As staff in an elementary school, we see students with a variety of mental health concerns.  The information Bryan presented to our staff helped shape our interactions with many of our students yielding more desirable behaviors and more meaningful interactions. Bryan has been a wonderful recourse and support for Point Elementary the last few years. His opinion and knowledge is trusted and valued by our community.”


Sharon Blue
District Intervention Coordinator

“I first met Dr. Pearlman when I attended two of his trainings that focused on building effective and supportive relationships with students while addressing more severe behaviors in school. These introduced me to his dynamic and engaging personality. He challenged school staff to dig deeper and look beyond the presenting behaviors to the struggling student within. With his humor, solution-focused approach, and openness with those attending – the time flew by and I left feeling encouraged and inspired. Dr. Pearlman’s personal experiences in education gave credibility to all information presented and his willingness to discuss specific cases and offer suggestions to work with difficult student concerns ensured that he would be a resource I would continue to utilize. When I transitioned to my new role, I reached out to Dr. Pearlman to provide training to our veteran counselors and social workers. He spent the time listening to our specific needs and created a customized training for us. The training was on the day before Winter Break, which can be a difficult time to to keep everyone’s attention. His engaging banter and expert information was enough to keep everyone’s full attention. Dr. Pearlman provided the staff with a complete toolbox of techniques and strategies they will use throughout the year and beyond. Many participants stayed beyond the training to continue speaking with him and getting advice on specific cases. I highly recommend his services!”
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Copyright © 2018 Most Valuable Professional Development, LLC | All Rights Reserved